Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Biarrrrrrthday!

I like making fun birthday cakes. Usually I have an order about 6 months before the birthday and that is all I hear about until the birthday. Osito has his next 2 cakes ordered already. This year Roo said he wanted a plain chocolate cake with chocolate icing. A little dissapointing, but he is growing up so that is what I planned. Well 6 days before his birthday he decides he wants a Pirates of the Carribean cake. First, I already made him a pirate cake for his 5th birthday. Second, I have no idea how to make a (cheap) PoC cake. Third, the 3rd PoC installment was just as bad if not worse than the second, I did not want to pay tribute to that. Then family fun saved me for the second year in a row. With instructions for making a pirate ship. I added black tattered sails, a Princess Leia figurehead, a white sand beach, and one rock/crab. I found a rejected imitation Lego sailor and turned him into Captain Jack Sparrow. Voila! It was a hit.

Below is a picture of last years 8 bit Mario cake. Again Family Fun saved my bacon with the inspiration of Jelly Beans for making designs on a cake.

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Brightonwoman said...

i LOVE the mario cake!
I have found that if you ask the kid what they want, they often have a design in mind and can save you all kinds of mental trauma trying to design something that wasn't what they wanted anyway.
We made a 2-headed monster cake for a 4th birthday, and just this year did a sushi cake (yup, it looked like a sliced roll of sushi!)