Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Sunday Craft

Since I received my new set of scriptures at Christmas I have been planing to make a scripture case for them. Inspiration and motivation have not yet combined themselves into a suitable scripture covering. Meanwhile, my scriptures have just been banging around inside my church bag and the gold edging was getting scuffed and page wrinkled.

A few weeks ago as I was loading the church bag trying to place my scriptures in a way where the pages were least likely to be destroyed by keys, random crayons, tins, pencils and books I spied this pretty kerchief on the table and remembered examining diagrams of furoshiki (wrapping objects in a piece of cloth) and Voila! The scripture wrap was born.

I used the basic (and instinctive I might add) 4 tie wrap.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bobby Buttons

My friend Sarah came over the other day for a crafty day. A crafty day is where we throw our combined 9 kids together and let them fend for themselves while we make cute things and chat.
We made these cute hair pins out of covered buttons. We had so much fun and the buttons are so pretty. We think a bowl of covered buttons to play with and look at would be so much fun. Someday we need to combine our super crafting powers and make a business or something.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Jesus Wants Me for a SunBEAT!"

I wanted to make a house warming gift for Boba Fett's Cello teacher. She is a Christian and I wanted to stitch a scripture for her but all of my favorites are really Mormon. Not like this one isn't dripping with the restored gospel, but a while back we sang the song to her and she seemed to like it. Also since I had the linen and floss lying around it cost me all of $1 for the frame at the dollar store. You really can afford to make gifts for everyone thanks to embroidery and Dollar Tree.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Socks

Frilly Sunday Socks for Nutmeg. The socks you can buy with lace sewn on them are junk. These were seriously easy.