Saturday, July 26, 2008

Blue Ribbon Baby

****Warning. This post contains uncontrolled beaming pride and bragging.***

I entered a few of my favorite pieces in the County Fair last week. I don't know why I do it. I know I do great work. I guess I Just like to be officially recognized. I went through various stages from the "I'll do well" to "I won't place at all. I did not expect a landslide. I walked into the room and I stood with my mouth opened at all of my RIBBONS! I realize that there may not have been many entries in the categories I entered items in but still a blue ribbon is a blue ribbon regardless.

First the crochet dragon, it placed third.
Commander C's quilt was tough to categorized. My hand quilting skills are not phenomenal but I do well on hand applique and the quilt is also embroidered. But in the end I wanted it judged on the design so I entered it in Original design, it placed second. I am disappointed that it wasn't hung up for display, you can't see much of it at all folded up on the table.
The green embroidered bunting that won first place in "Hand Embroidery on a Home Sewn Object" this is lined with an adorable dandelion and rabbit print.
My version of "Hip in Hemp", "Hip in Kashmir" took first place in the Knitting "other" category.
Little Red Riding Hood, first in "Girl's Halloween Costume."
La Piece de Resistance placed first in "Girl's Dress under 6."
And Nutmeg's hand sewn blessing dress took first place in "Christening Dress" and won a big old purple "Judge's Choice" ribbon.

As I browsed the competition the only things that really stood out (apart from the quilts) were some very good showings in the knitting divisions, and a Japanese kimono themed square dancing costume. I will confess I was a bit in shock so that I merely glanced at all the other items.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

She Has a Purpose and a Name and It Is Sinister

So, that darling duck on my banner, the one I got at the crazy Goodwill; as you can see on my banner she has a purpose - holding metal knitting needles which I do not use. Today I found her name. I won't go into the long process of how the name was won but I will say reading "Chicken Little" to my daughter last night had something to do with it.
World, meet Danvers. Danvers, meet world. We will not be calling her Danny.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Aloha Books

Aloha means "Hello, "Goodbye," and "Love." I made these little books for the Mooselings before we went on our Hawaiian vacation. I sewed the pages out of regular printer paper, made the covers out of recycled cereal boxes covered with scrapbooking paper and contact paper. Someone with more skills, time and a good printer could really make these spectacular.
A book for Moose and I to take with us for letterboxing and recording our vacation.

For the Mooselings' books I decorated them (quickly) with markers stickers and pictures. I just put little love notes, jokes and interesting things to let them know we loved them. We had never left them before and didn't know how they would handle it. Turns out they were fine but they do love their books.

Cloverleaf Cardigan

This is my attempt at Elizabeth Zimmerman's Yoke sweater from The Opinionated Knitter inspired by ZigZag Stitch's October Sweater. Knit on 7's in Cascade 220 Summer Sky. I still need to weave the under arm seams , sew on the buttons and block. I got this far before vacation and just haven't felt like knitting since.