Thursday, July 17, 2008

Aloha Books

Aloha means "Hello, "Goodbye," and "Love." I made these little books for the Mooselings before we went on our Hawaiian vacation. I sewed the pages out of regular printer paper, made the covers out of recycled cereal boxes covered with scrapbooking paper and contact paper. Someone with more skills, time and a good printer could really make these spectacular.
A book for Moose and I to take with us for letterboxing and recording our vacation.

For the Mooselings' books I decorated them (quickly) with markers stickers and pictures. I just put little love notes, jokes and interesting things to let them know we loved them. We had never left them before and didn't know how they would handle it. Turns out they were fine but they do love their books.

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homemommy22 said...

I love that idea! Way cute!