Thursday, January 10, 2008

My hips are hip in Kashmir!

It's done, it's done, it's done! Finally thousands upon thousands of stitches later my Hip in Hemp is finished. I can't wait to wear it. It is blocking now...foiled by Portland and its wet winter air, this could take forever.
When I first saw this pattern in the summer 2007 - Knitty I barely gave it a second look. It just didn't appeal to me. This fall I saw this post on Craftster by Lauruk and I said that skirt is for me!

I went to Joann just to see if I could find any yarn of the right weight that struck me for this project and Sensations Kashmir in turquoise, lime and black fit the bill perfectly. I was hesitant to use a felting wool because I am notorious for shrinking things but I did it anyway! I had to add several rows (3 stripes) to make it long enough. I am short so I was suprised at that. I also held off on the lace stitches for several rows because I didn't want that much of my leg to peek through.

I stared in mid to late November, had to take most of December off for Christmas gift making and holiday fun, and finished today. Last night I was binding off at 2 am and I just couldn't stich another stitch so I had to go to bed with half of a bind off left! This morning I finished the bind off, wove in the ends, sewed in the elastic and blocked it. Then I took pictures and squealed with delight.

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Emilee said...

That skirt is adorable!