Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Teresa Layman is NUTS or whoever it was that designed this pattern. Whatever you know about dressmaking throw it out the window if you want to make this dress.
First my pattern was in French, and now I find the English pattern is just as hard to comprehend. There is No extra information on this pattern, none. I am not sure that there is even all of the necessary information.
Luckily, I am an accomplished seamstress and I can follow a pattern. Also I have only made one tiny mistake so far and it was an easy fix. The good part is that the pattern calls for a french seam on the skirt and since I always make french seams I didn't feel like I was obsessive when I was making it.

Finished so far:
smocking, embroidery, gathers, bodice attached to skirt and side seams.
Scary parts left:
sleeves and ruffled collar, buttonholes, tucks and lots of facings.

Will I be done for Easter, who knows?

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Jamie said...

Sew..... did you finish it? Pic please! Jamie