Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lirez vous francais?

Yeah, so I purchased the pattern in September, opened it and cut it out last night. So I was at the store today buying fabric and notions and I decided to look up how exactly the "cord" was applied when I discovered that while the pattern layout and smocking instructions are in English, my pattern only contains sewing instructions en francais! I tried to read it and those are words I did not learn in high school or college french. So I called Fabric Depot and got the number so I could call Vogue and asked for new instructions. I HOPE that they get here in time. You see Easter kind of snuck up on me this year. Yes it was only yesterday that I realized that Easter is 12 days away an my duty as a Mormon seamstress/costume designer/crafter/mother of only one girl is to make an Easter dress for Nutmeg. Fortunately, I found this pattern in my stash. Unfortunately, there was not an appropriate fabric in my fabric room, yes room. So, I had to go to the fabric store which is always dangerous when you are low on funds. I purchases the notions and fabric needed for this dress. The fabric itself cost only $4.90 the notions however cost $17.27. I admit that I did get one or two too many skeins of floss and I didn't need both buttons, but I knew that I couldn't choose the right buttons until the embroidery was finished. But still $15 for notions???????

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Darling Designs said...

Wow! That dress is going to turn out really cute, I just know it!

Have fun!

- Darling Designs